It is our mission to provide quality service that offers the necessary knowledge and support to deliver long lasting results that clients want and deserve.
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Gabe Cordova

Owner / Coach

Good things come to people who wait, but better things come to those who go out and get them.

Art Cordova

Owner / Head Coach

A good coach gives you what you NEED not what you WANT


  • Robert Shearl

    The owners and training staff create the best environment. when you walk in the energy is just there. Also has the best most respectful members.
  • Rosa Ramirez-Wiseman

    What a great atmosphere to work out in. Nobody there is sitting around and looking at their phones or chit chatting, everyone there is there to get a awesome workout.
  • Heather Raftery

    As an athlete, I actively seek the best training I can. There’s no better place in Tucson to get top quality strength and conditioning than Shark Sports. Not only are the trainers are exceptionally knowledgable and engaging, but the vibe of the place is fantastic. Everybody who goes there, is looking to put in the work and become the best they can be, in whatever sport it is that they’re doing (not like the meatfest at 24 Hour or LA Fitness). You want a awesome place to train with a local, community vibe? Shark Sports.
  • Danny Sawaya

    Great locally owned facility. With all the big box gyms around it is amazing to see a locally owned facility that has owners on site that about being a part of a community than just selling memberships to thousands of people. If you are looking for a serious place to train you have found it.
  • Brock McGoff

    Awesome gym. Down to earth, no egos, locally owned, helpful staff...what more can you ask for? Plus, they’ve got mat space for BJJ/wrestling. Best gym in Tucson!
  • Anthony Lui 

    Excellent facility owned by great guys! Always welcoming and very much apart of the community. I would highly recommend this place to anyone no matter your goals as an athlete or individual.


Shark Sports Fitness and Training

3540 N Oracle Rd #106, Tucson, AZ 85705
(520) 393-8200


Sunday: Closed
Mon - Fri 4:30AM – 9PM
Saturday 7AM – 7PM

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