Personal Training

Come train with the best persoal trainers in tucson

What is Personal Training

Shark Sports Personal Training Programs are designed to build strength in a safe and effective manner. Our expert trainers are highly motivated and results-driven. The execution and attention to detail that Shark Sports Trainers provide is what separates them from the rest. Our training style has purpose and meaning to it, so individuals perform exercises that are tailored to their specific goals and needs. We do not believe in “One size fits all” and do not provide “Cookie Cutter” workouts. We believe that everyone has unique wants and needs so we provide individualized programs tailored to the client. Its not about how many hours you put in the gym. It’s about what you put in those hours.

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What you expect with Personal Training Programs
  1. A safe and effective 60min Workout
  2. Knowledge on how to properly execute exercises
  3. An Individualized Workout Plan 
  4. Nutritional Advice 
  5. Progress Check-ins
  6. Sustainability, Motivation and Accountability
  7. Mobility and Flexibility 
  8. Access to Private Facebook Group
  9. Cardio Prescription
  10. You become a Shark Athlete!


It is our mission to provide quality service that offers the necessary knowledge and support to deliver long lasting results that clients want and deserve. When you are ready to take your body to the next level, we hope that you’ll think of Shark Sports. We deliver results!

Nutrition/Training Program Application


Shark Sports Fitness and Training

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