Nutrition Programs


Shark Sports Nutrition Programs are focused on an individualized and highly effective process that are safe, achievable and focused on long term success. Once our clients achieve their goals, we then provide the tools and knowledge for them to maintain. These programs offer daily interactions with a coach, they are flexible to fit all lifestyles and offer a priceless learning experience that not only allows our clients to enjoy the foods they love, but to also see the results they long for at the same time. Whether the goal is weight loss, muscle gain, or a balanced lifestyle, we can help pave the road!

No Gimmicks
No Food Restriction
No Starving Yourself
No Over Exercising
No Damaging Your Metabolism
No Fat Burners Needed

What you can expect with Nutrition Programs

  1. Daily Check-ins with your Coach 
  2. Knowledge on how to create a sustainable change for a lifetime 
  3. A Strategy and Game Plan to reach your Goal(s)
  4. An Individualized Workout Plan
  5. Macronutrient Set-up tailored to YOU
  6. Trip to the Grocery Store with your Coach
  7. Progress Check-Ins 
  8. Access to Private Training Facebook Group
  9. Cardio Prescription
  10. Sustainability, Motivation, and Accountability 
  11. You become a Shark Athlete

 Mission     statement

Nutrition: It is our mission to provide quality service that offers the necessary knowledge and
support to deliver long lasting results that clients want and deserve. When you are ready to take
your body to the next level, we hope that you’ll think of Shark Sports. We deliver results!

Nutrition/Training Program Application


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