What a Weight Loss Plateau can mean.


Weight loss plateaus
Granted a weight loss plateau can vary depending on the circumstances. But...usually a true weight loss plateau (when you have body fat to lose ) is around 2 weeks with no movement on the scale or no visual changes happening. Many people interpret a weight loss 'plateau' as a sign of lack of progress, and not a sign of progress. All a true plateau in weight loss means is that you've lost enough weight that your current program has to be reassessed and altered. Is that bad? No. It can likely mean you've lost sufficient weight that the current calories are now putting you into the weight 'maintenance' realm instead of a fat loss realm. It can mean that you've gotten more efficient at your exercise routine that the current difficulty isn't causing enough calorie expenditure or, the most common reason is simply it means that maybe things aren't being tracked as well as you think, and you just need to really dial it in with tracking and confidence in food choices/logging. All that being said; again...don't think of a weight loss plateau as a failure. Look at it as a time to possibly reinvent your current plan with some possible “tools in your “tool box” with nutrition and/or training, or just simply get back to the nitty gritty basics of counting those numbers silly tight and being patient.

Keep looking forward...
Coach Mike Marconi

Let's talk motivation! I don't know how long you all have been in the fitness industry or listened to motivational videos but I've heard them all. For someone that says motivation doesn't mean shit is full of shit themselves. Motivation is often crucial for the long term but won't get you there alone. We've all been in a position where we watched a movie or witnessed an act and it inspired us. We've all listened to a motivational speech on youtube and hastily made the decision to act on something. We feel unstoppable! THIS IS MOTIVATION. Motivation often times acts as the spark to a fire. Anyone can make a spark but how do we make the flame last? How do we continue to fuel that fire? ROUTINE!! You all have ignited the spark by starting this program. Something motivated you and now your flame is burning! Like anyone we all have a certain amount of time before that flame starts to dim. THAT'S WHEN ROUTINE COMES IN! While you have the motivation it's very important to piece together a plan and schedule that you can adhere to. PRE-PLANNING YOUR WEEK IS KEY! TAKE TIME BY THE FIRST OF THE MONTH TO MAKE NOTE OF ANY GET TOGETHERS OR OUTINGS YOU ABSOULTELY PLAN ON MAKING. Be aware that there will always be a weekend, holiday or birthday in the horizon. Sacrifices will sometimes have to be made in order to remain in the "groove". It's completely up to all of you on how close you plan to adhere to the program. The classic term "You get what you put in" or " The plan doesn't work unless you do" come in mind here. Once your routine is created you will see the consistency over time will start revealing results but even that will come to a halt. When a child gets his/her favorite toy they are soooo excited! They play with it everyday, but then one day they throw it in a corner and have no desire for it. They are bored with it and want something new. We are that child and the program is our new toy. Our new toy feeling will wear off. This is when we resort to MOTIVATION again! We revisit what sparked that flame. We remind ourselves why we started this! We begin to set short and long term goals to hit and arrange our routine in a way that gets us excited. What is your MOTIVATION? Why did you start this? What are some goals you have and are you ready to make the necessary sacrifices? The choice is yours!!!! Happy Hump Day! * DISCLAIMER: I'm not a published author but wont the Young Authors contest in 4th grade. There WILL be punctuation errors. Be gentle!


Look at the different just in his face!My man Paul came to me weighing around 223lbs and we managed to get him down to 176lbs! That’s 47lbs down. This did not happen overnight! It took a lot of hard work and dedication and I couldn’t be more proud of him. Sky is the limit for this man! Let’s give it up for him! Coach: Gabe Cordova


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