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SUPER ACCURATE - Tracked/Weighed every single thing and didn't eat out (95-100%)

ACCURATE - Tracked/Weighed Everything and didn't eat out. Not Perfect but close to it. (80-95%)

KIND OF ACCURATE - Tracked/Weighed most items. Eat out and/or eyeballed amounts (65%-80%)

NOT ACCURATE (65% or Less)

(for example: Did you goto a restaurant or eat fast food?)
Try to distinguish the difference between craving and boredom vs actual hunger. (Be serious)
Per day not per week
If you have any special occasions coming up please list them here (Events, Travel, Birthdays, Weddings, etc.)
There is always something we could do better on. (More focused workouts, more accuracy in tracking, more sleep, more water, more fiber, pre plan better, prep your food, schedule week better, more positive mindset, etc.)


Shark Sports Fitness and Training

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Saturday 7AM – 7PM

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