How to Track Macros over the Holidays

Mike Marconi

Our society as a whole, has a skewed sense of food. Every day, let alone holidays. Food is legal, readily available, affordable, compared to many regions of the world and very, very social. We eat to socialize, to comfort, to get energy, to entertain, hunger, and a million other reasons. During any holiday or event, it is a way that people show love, affection and even the feelings of being able to provide. Why is it hard to 'just say no', because there are so many emotions and feelings wrapped up in celebrations centered on food. Can I say 'no', of course, have I said 'no', of course. Does that mean that I will every time? Of course not. There needs to be a balance and that is a personal matter that each person decides for themselves if they are here and are aware of their weight and changes in their lifestyle!!!

In other words, we are human and thereby are learning to live every day, including holidays, making decisions on how to fuel our bodies!! What is hard for some, is easier for others and Vice a versa. But ultimately the decision is personal and yours to make!! No one else. You can stay on track and log tight if you choose. That’s the Beauty of this whole thing. You learn as you go.... Part of making this type of program/plan really work for you is learning how to cope with special occasions. - if you continuously live in the minutia of singular days and stress out about certain situations that arise, you will always have difficulty seeing the larger picture and a hard time truly making a "lifestyle change" and maintaining in the long-term.



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