Realistic expectations about progress and your weight scale

Mike Marconi

Realistic expectations about your progress and the scale

Truly understanding that this is all a process, and one needs to embrace that process. It's not just about some weight on the scale. It's about embracing the process of becoming a healthier person...eating more healthfully...becoming more physically fit and capable...and in general just living a healthier lifestyle. In my experience, when people focus on these things, losing fat and maintaining a healthy weight tend to be a nice Bi-product.

As coaches one of our main jobs is teaching you about REALISTIC Progress. Understanding the scale. The fluctuations. And helping you stay ON as the scale makes its way down slow. So just know…Stressing over unrealistic expectations and the scale is just going to make things worse both mentally as well as physically as high stress jacks with hormones, particularly the hormone cortisol and can impede weight loss (due to water retention) or otherwise make it harder. I don't know of anyone who doesn't want to lose their excess fat yesterday, but that's just not going to happen. It's a marathon of months and for some people years...embracing that fact can be liberating and you will be much happier going through this process.

Stay positive and keep looking forward! 💪


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