What a Weight Loss Plateau can mean.


Weight loss plateaus
Granted a weight loss plateau can vary depending on the circumstances. But...usually a true weight loss plateau (when you have body fat to lose ) is around 2 weeks with no movement on the scale or no visual changes happening. Many people interpret a weight loss 'plateau' as a sign of lack of progress, and not a sign of progress. All a true plateau in weight loss means is that you've lost enough weight that your current program has to be reassessed and altered. Is that bad? No. It can likely mean you've lost sufficient weight that the current calories are now putting you into the weight 'maintenance' realm instead of a fat loss realm. It can mean that you've gotten more efficient at your exercise routine that the current difficulty isn't causing enough calorie expenditure or, the most common reason is simply it means that maybe things aren't being tracked as well as you think, and you just need to really dial it in with tracking and confidence in food choices/logging. All that being said; again...don't think of a weight loss plateau as a failure. Look at it as a time to possibly reinvent your current plan with some possible “tools in your “tool box” with nutrition and/or training, or just simply get back to the nitty gritty basics of counting those numbers silly tight and being patient.

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